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Zinc Nacional

Zinc Nacional S.A. is a major producer of Zinc Compounds in the American Continent. Founded in 1952, our company is dedicated to the production of zinc oxide and zinc sulfate, as well as recycled Paperboard.

Main applications of
Zinc Oxide and Zinc Sulfate.

Zinc Nacional focuses its activity towards a wide range of industrial sectors, providing products and services to meet specific market needs:

Óxido de Zinc Nutricion AnimalAnimal Nutrition
Zinc is an essential micronutrient in the diet of animals. Zinc oxide and zinc sulfate are used in the production of animal feed for cattle, pork, chicken, turkey, fish, house pets and other farm animals.
Óxido de Zinc AgriculturaAgriculture
Zinc is an excellent fertilizer for various crops where the soil presents Zinc deficiency. The presence of Zinc is critical to the production of growth hormones and chlorophyll, for the respiration process and for the synthesis of carbohydrates.
Hule (caucho)Rubber
Zinc oxide is an essential compound in the rubber vulcanization (curing) process.
Óxido de Zinc PinturaPaint
Zinc Nacional provides a zinc oxide made by the American process, where the shape of the particle is mainly acicular, leading to an improved cohesion within the paint.
Sulfato e Zinc MineríaMining
Zinc sulfate is used in mineral ore flotation.
Óxido de Zinc CerámicaCeramics
Zinc Oxide is used by the ceramic industry in the production of frits and glazes for the manufacture of floors, tiles, bathroom fixtures, tableware, ceramic ornaments and crafts.
Óxido de Zinc LubricantesLubricants
Zinc oxide is an important additive in motor oil, general lubricants, resins and oils.
Óxido de Zinc FarmacéuticaChemical
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Zinc oxide is one of the world's most diversified compounds making it suitable for use in a wide range of industrial chemical applications.
Óxido de Zinc QuímicaPharmaceutical
Zinc oxide is a vital ingredient in a number of pharmaceutical applications that touch our lives every day.